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Improve your lifestyle

Improve your game

Compare your in-game stats with your lifestyle. See how your sleep, activity and health can benefit your performance inside the game.

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Improve your stats

Compare game & health data

Connect with your favourite platforms to see how your in-game stats improve along side your habits out of the game.

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Compete with friends

See who's at the top

Compete with your friends by earning points when you complete daily goals, challenges and improve your consistency.


Earn Rewards

Complete goals, earn rewards

Complete your daily challenges and earn badges to display on your profile. From your performance in-game to your performance outside.


Improve your mind

Think quick, flick fast

Keeping your mind sharp and your reactions fast. healthy sleep patterns and regular exercise is medically proven to improve your cognitive ability.

Regular sleep improves:

  • Simple reaction times
  • Decision making speeds
  • Visual tracking

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About Flytro

Our mission statement

Flytro recognises the growth of esports and gaming Worldwide. We ourselves have grown up with video games, competed at events and dedicated a large part of our lives for the love of gaming.

We also recognise that while gaming is not unhealthy, our approach to it can leave us forming bad habits that negatively impact ourselves both in and outside the game.

Our mission is to help gamers around the World form better habits that positively effect their performance in-game and improve their lifestyle out of the game.

Improve your lifestyle. Improve your game.