Today we are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest Flytro squad member. Daniela Hard joins Flytro as our Communication Strategist and brings with her a huge passion for esports, gaming culture and a wealth of experience. As a League of Legends fan, player and cosplayer, Dani has been enjoying the world of gaming […]
We’re extremely proud to announce Michael “ODEE” O’Dell, founder of Dignitas and one of esports most recognisable faces has joined Flytro’s Advisory Board. Michael recently departed Dignitas and joined global esports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal and its esports team Rogue as Chief Gaming Officer. Now joining Flytro’s Advisory Board he brings a wealth of experience having […]
It is with great pleasure we are incredibly excited to announce Craig Fletcher, former CEO and founder of Multiplay and a current board member of the British Esports Association, has joined Flytro’s Advisory Board. Craig has invested in several tech start-ups and brings a wealth of knowledge in the gaming industry spanning over 20 years. […]
It’s been a very intense and successful month over April. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and we’re proud to announce we’re making huge steps forward. We launched our website, social media channels, won awards, and opened up the beta signups. Beta Signups That’s right, you can now signup to be part of […]
So you’ve heard the term “Superfoods” before, but paid no attention to what they are, what they do or what the benefits. Superfoods are simply nutrient-rich food that’s especially beneficial for health and general well-being. Why superfoods will improve your gaming It’s not just physical health that’s affected by what we eat, it’s our mental […]
Competitive gaming requires combinations of anticipation, lightening-fast decision making and being able to read situations in-game under pressure. It’s these attributes that set apart the elite from the masses. These skills however are not something we can’t learn. Professional gamers have sharpened these skills through thousands of hours of practice. Yes, there are professional esports […]
We’re extremely proud to introduce the development of Flytro: the Fitness App for Gamers. In 2019 we live in a world where our perception of stereotypes is constantly evolving. No more than a decade ago, as gamers it’s possible we were stereotyped as a pizza eating, nocturnal keyboard bashing, under exercised bunch. However perceptions are […]