Hello Flytro, the fitness app for gamers

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

We’re extremely proud to introduce the development of Flytro: the Fitness App for Gamers. In 2019 we live in a world where our perception of stereotypes is constantly evolving. No more than a decade ago, as gamers it’s possible we were stereotyped as a pizza eating, nocturnal keyboard bashing, under exercised bunch. However perceptions are changing and now in 2019 we have started to be perceived as athletes of the online world. Perceptions and understanding within the gaming community have also begun to evolve. Professional teams and casual players are starting to understand the advantages of how a healthier approach to their lifestyle, can have impactful benefits to their performance inside the game.

With CSGO as one of the dominant esports titles played worldwide, it’s no surprise why three times Major Champions; Astralis have spoken of their attitude towards health on several occasions, citing both that exercise and social time away from the screen have positively impacted their performances.

When we use the term “health” we include all facets of the term including both physical and mental health. Exercising physically and emotionally can have enormous benefits not just to your game but to your overall lifestyle. It’s known that regular exercise releases brain chemicals that are key for memory, concentration, and mental sharpness, all of which are key components to performing at a high level. Exercise also improves your motor skills and mental state of mind.

Our Solution

This is why we have undertaken the challenge of building an app that shows you visually how your health is impacting your game. We’ve began tailoring the app specifically for you based on NHS Guidelines for exercise.