May Update: Beta Signup, Awards & More

It’s been a very intense and successful month over April. A lot has been happening behind the scenes and we’re proud to announce we’re making huge steps forward. We launched our website, social media channels, won awards, and opened up the beta signups.

Beta Signups

That’s right, you can now signup to be part of our closed beta testing period. We’re on the hunt for enthusiastic CSGO players who are playing FACEIT daily and who wish to spend a month being active and improving their lifestyle (whatever level of fitness you are). Signup is easy, just join our mail list using the Notify Me button at the top of the page.


That’s right, we’ve only been publicly active for one month and we’ve already received two nominations and won a mobile excellence award. We were nominated over at Awwwards – one of the most exclusive and prestigious web awards available. It is a huge honour to have received a nomination that we also won for a Mobile Excellence Award, and a second nomination for Site of the Week. Thank you to the Awwwards team jury and everyone who voted for us.

Social Media

Thanks to all of you who have followed our progress on social media over the last month. We’ve started to see engagements and hear great feedback about our product, which brings us huge joy and excitement; knowing you’re also excited about what we’re doing.

You can follow our creative team and see what our evolving design progress entails on our Dribbble account.

Follow our more regular updates over at Twitter and Facebook.

For investment enquiries, job opportunities and general business updates, you can keep track of Flytro on our LinkedIn.