Join the #FLYSQUAD

Looking to become the next member of the #FLYSQUAD? Well then you’re in the right place! We’re always looking to work with both emerging and established people in the gaming and esports industry.

We often get asked about sponsorship’s and although we’d like to partner up with as many people as possible, we sadly cannot. Here’s a list of the basic criteria we’re looking for when building new relationships with partners.

Share our Vision

The single most important aspect for partnerships at Flytro is we only want to work with people and brands who share our vision of improving the performance of players through leading healthier lifestyles.


We like to work with streamers and support your growth as a streamer, positively reinforcing your brand with our own and vis-versa. We only work with partnered streamers who embody the image of Flytro.

Professional Players

If you’re a professional player and you’re already leading an active lifestyle and feeling the benefits then we want to work with you.

Professional Teams

Is your brand already established and beginning to embrace the future? If this sounds like your team or organisation and you too believe in improving performance by improving health and lifestyle of your players then we’d love to talk.

To get in touch you can email us at [email protected] or by using one of the appropriate contact methods on our Contact page.

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